There are plenty of people in the world who will tell you that yoga is great and you should be doing it. Believe me, I know about twenty of them. I never really thought they were wrong, I just never saw an opportunity that worked for me to try it out. I decided to change that.

To start I did some research. Jeff loves his yoga teacher at the college fitness center, but the timing on those classes was really bad for me. Right now I have a lot of free time on Tuesday nights due to Katherine's league practices, so I dug around for somewhere that would have classes for beginners around the same time. My research led me to the Rama Yoga in the core. Not far from the gym where I needed to pick Katherine up, and a beginner class on Tuesday evenings. Excellent, and a good trial price.

I headed over after doing a bit of stuff around town to kill time after work, signed up and borrowed a yoga mat. Don't expect me to tell you all that we did, as I know it will take me forever to remember names, I just know that today the instructor decided to do a bunch of forward folds in different ways. About half way through I was mildly sweaty, but not a lot. And the end was a time of nearly napping relaxation.

I don't feel that I was pushing too hard, and I like that. I figure I will be nervous about this for a while yet, but I will go back. Now where did I put that yoga mat I bought a while back?