Project: Climbing Wall: Step 2 - CAD Design of the Climbing Surfaces

Designing the climbing surfaces of my climbing wall is a major step to getting it built. With the space of the garage corner accuratly modeleted, I can easily try out multiple designs and decide which one I liked. Based on some reasearch online, I was planning to have a section of vertical wall, some mildly sloped and the rest at a more extreem slope, with some technical corners wherever I could fit them. I was able to achieve all my goals quickly with the design outline I ended up with in this phase of the design.

Climbing Surface Layout A basic layout showing the climbing surfaces without some of the filler angles and panels yet added.

The design I went for was 2 panels at 30 degrees angle, and 2 panels at 15 degrees around the corner. It creates an interesting shape that I want to use. I keep the rest of the panels vertical so that I can access the storage beside it. A little creating box building on the ceiling and I can avoid the beam and rail for the garage door.

Once feature I had read about, and integrated into this design, was storage behind the wall. There is a lot of space there, and it will be built to hold the weight of a person. What we do is leave a spot open to get in behind the wall and maybe put up some shelves. Additionally, the box at the top of the wall will be able to hold plywood sized objects with no great problem(just a little acquired to get things up there).

Next step is to plan out the support beams for this, and how they integrate into the existing structure. I also need to decide if I will be using 1/2 inch plywood of 3/4 inch, and if I will use 2x6 or 2x4 beams to support the structure(or a mix). Once that is done I will be able to come up with a full cost breakdown of this project, and maybe some stages that I can do the work in so that I can pay as I go.