Project: Climbing Wall: Step 1 - CAD Layout of the Garage

Garage Corner Template

The empty corner of my garage. Hanging bracket on the left is the end of a storage area, on the right is the door rail and it's support beam.

I have more projects that I want to complete, and building a climbing wall in the corner of the garage is one of them. To get things started I took the template from my Ski Press CAD work and modified it to represent the space I will be using. Because the climbing wall will need to have more support on the structure of the garage, I added in the studs and beams that I could locate to the template and put in a few more things I needed to keep in mind when designing the walls(like the garage door rail and the ceiling storage frames).

This was pretty basic, and I suspect there were easier ways to get this done in the CAD software. I just modified the length of the walls and components to match the space I was using. The roof slope is the same, so no changes there. I added in the storage support beams first, based on measurements, and then added the beams behind the wall, one by one. I was glad to see the beams and storage supports lined up, it meant that my measurements were not bad at all. I did add some 50% transparency to the walls and ceiling so that I could see the supports behind them properly. This seems to expose a bug in the rendering software that is kinda annoying. It appears that, as I rotate the scene, the transparent walls move in relation to objects close to them. You may see some odd rending errors related to that, and I might not keep them transparent for all renders.

I did get to start learning about doing extrusions in the CAD software. For some reason I felt like modeling the garage rail accurately. I could easily and reasonably just done a bounding box for it, but instead I measured the shape of it, drew it and did an extrusion of it. It looks nice, and accurate, so I'm keeping it. The biggest problem for me was rotation of the finished product. Originally I created the extrusion and then copied it to my garage project, but it was rotated wrong, and for the life of me I could not get the rotation settings to work in such a way that I could put it in it's proper place. I went back to the original file and rotated the profile sketch properly before the extrusion. This allowed me to import a properly oriented rail and move it into place easily.

Template is well laid out, and the next article will have my initial wall layout setup on it.