New Year, New Blog

Let's try this again. Not quite the first of the year, but I don't see any reason to do everything at once. It's a new year, and I think it's time to start a new blog. I don't know what I will keep here, but probably details of the random stuff I like to try to do. I have a new house, with a workshop to setup, so there might be a chance of actually getting some of these projects off the ground finally.

For example:

  • Making Skis: I have wanted to make my own from scratch for years
  • Kayak Assembly: Hand made wooden kayak
  • Mead: Setup and make some more
  • Gardening: Grow my own food and store it
  • Prepping: Having some level of preparedness if things go really wrong.
  • Video and Photo Logging: Document some of the stuff I do, so maybe someone else can learn from me.

Let's see where it goes from here.