My Running Phone

At the advice of a friend, after I had expressed my concerns about long runs with my expensive phone, I purchased a second hand Samsung Rugby (GT-S5690R - The Rogers version.) phone for my runs. This device is able to take a beating, but it runs older hardware and needs some tweaking to get it right.

The day I bought this was also the day that Katherine broke the screen on her phone. So I gave it to her for the first couple of weeks. It survived that test, so it's a good sign. Since then I have installed Endomondo on the phone, set it up for myself and done a few runs with it. The GPS is slow to lock, and I don't know how accurate, but it works for my running. I have not been using music on it yet, but that changes with tonight's run. The biggest problem I have had is that there is almost no space to install apps(as not all can go on the SD card) due to the junk that was pre-installed and the updates that want to be installed.

So, time to learn to root my first Android device. Some quick googling and I was looking at using SuperOneClick to root it. The files for this app include an exploit for Android devices, so I had to disable my anti-virus first. Ran the app and attempted root - failed. Retry and just get the same thing: "Operation not permitted". I guess that is not going to work.

A bit more digging brought me to this XDA Dev's thread, and the attached file. Loaded that file onto my SD card directly and rebooted the phone as instructed. Once in there I was able to easily run the installer provided, reboot and found that I had root access to my phone. Excellent.

I tried a few apps to allow removal of system and pre-installed apps, some just would not work, but I settled on Root App Delete. A few minutes later and I had some free space, removed apps that wanted insane updates and was ready to go.

I really need to see if I can get away with removing the dialer from this device, as I don't have phone service on this SIM card, it should be doable... That's one for another day.