Finding Old Blog Posts

One of the main reasons I've been looking at using a static blog generator is that I have done a bad job of keeping older content around. One example is that I have an old server around that only exists to allow me to one day extract old posts and put them back online. The start of that process was undertaken last night, with bootup of an old HP server that has been collecting sawdust in my shop since I moved into my current house years ago. Back then I had my own rack of servers that I used to host and test with. This was before it was cheap to buy either a system to host a bunch of virtual machines or a stack of cheap single board computers.

Of course, this was not going to be easy. First issue: this thing is heavy. Not too much to cary to my office, but it was bulky and big. Luckily I have some free desk space from our annual fall housecleaning. From there I hooked it up to see if it would boot. Nope. The system would not see the hard drive array(being a server it had a RAID 5 config on it). After a bunch of troubleshooting, I eventually figured out that the backup battery on the RAID controller was dead and needed time to charge. I left the system plugged in for a bit and tried again later.

With the system booting, I now had to get around my oddball networking that I used at the time to help learn some networking stuff. Now it's just an impediment to my getting at my data. A few reconfigurations later and I had conent on my screen but load times were insane. This system is on it's last legs, so for now it's shutdown until I have a few hours to try getting and export from the system that I can easily pull into my repo.