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  1. The Limits of NeoPixels on ATTiny85 Chips

    In the spirit of the season I wanted to replace the simple incandescent bulbs in a medium sized plug in star that I've had in my window with a strip of NeoPixels(RGB addressable LEDs). The strip I had around was about 1m long and 144 LEDs per meter. Interestingly …

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  2. Finding Old Blog Posts

    One of the main reasons I've been looking at using a static blog generator is that I have done a bad job of keeping older content around. One example is that I have an old server around that only exists to allow me to one day extract old posts and …

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  3. Making Up MAC Addresses

    Just a quick one here. I was working on some virutalization at the office and we used generated MAC addresses from a script we had written for each of the interfaces on our systems. The first part of the MAC was setup to allow us to know what network we …

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