Fun with Domain Scammers

I’ve listed a few of my old, unused, domains for sale on eBay. Just trying to get rid of them(the one in this post is now sold). I have put domains up for sale in the past, and received scam emails like the one I’ve posted below before(and actually did research to see if they were legit, I almost believed them). The basic scam is simple: they offer to buy the domain, but need to have it reviewed for value and trademark status before they can go ahead, by a reputable source. They, of course, link you to a service that they have used and recommend you go with them. The catch is that they either run that service or are partnered with it and make a profit off of every domain that is evaluated. Then, when you get back to them with the info they requested, they have some excuse that the money was spent elsewhere and they can no longer buy your domain. You were just suckered out of $100 or so. Since I knew this scam, I decided to see if I could mess with them back. The following exchange occurred and is unedited, so I probably typo’d a bunch of stuff. Pretty well everything I say is a lie, so don’t worry about that side of things, I knew it was a scammer from the start. I’m impressed it went this far. (Sorry about formatting issues, some o fit just didn’t transfer well.)
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6KM and 7KM: Getting back out there

With the crazy winter weather this year, and a late spring, my running has taken a beating, but now that the snow is gone and the weather is looking up, I need to get out there and get my distance up. Last two runs were interesting, either raining or windy. I’ve been doing out and back runs towards Blakeny, and it’s been a good route with plenty of space and few cars, so I’m probably sticking with it for a bit. Continue reading