Project: Climbing Wall: Construction Phase 1

Decided that it was best to just get started on building something as soon as possible with this project. If I was to keep planning some of the details, I would not get anything done. So, I went ahead and figured out the minimum amount of wood I would need to buy for the first of the 15 degree walls and picked it up at the local wood store. Unfortunately, in my rush to get this built, I didn’t really document much. Phase 2 will be another 15 degree wall, so I will document the process there in a clearer manner. For now I have a single panel wall up and usable, and I’m happy with that start.

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6KM: Shorter and Slower, but Nice

It is the first time in a while that I have run in the sun. I decided to head out right when I got home, with the sun still up, and clear skies, it was a good time for a run. I was still sore, just a little, in my legs from the last run, so I decided to go for 6KM today and cut it short if I found I was hurting too much. Turns out I was not hurting too much and was able to complete a slower paced run around a bit of the town. It won’t be long now before I start doing a full lap of the town on my longer runs.

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Desktop Repair

I have not built systems from scratch for years, but it’s a skillset that does not go away. Almost like riding a bike. This is useful to me, as I had the motherboard on my desktop system die the other day, and I’ve come to rely on it as a primary system over the past few months. This system was purchased to run my TV a few years back, and I paid as little as I could to get it, around $300 for the tower only. Oddly, at that price it came with a SSD drive(a small one). This upgrade let me watch content at full resolution on my projector, which was an upgrade from the then 10 year old system I had been using. When it died I really wanted to get a system that could do some more work that I wanted to get into, so it was the perfect time to upgrade!

My currently running workstation system.

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Project: Climbing Wall: Step 2 – CAD Design of the Climbing Surfaces

Designing the climbing surfaces of my climbing wall is a major step to getting it built. With the space of the garage corner accuratly modeleted, I can easily try out multiple designs and decide which one I liked. Based on some reasearch online, I was planning to have a section of vertical wall, some mildly sloped and the rest at a more extreem slope, with some technical corners wherever I could fit them. I was able to achieve all my goals quickly with the design outline I ended up with in this phase of the design.


A basic layout showing the climbing surfaces without some of the filler angles and panels yet added.

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Project: Climbing Wall: Step 1 – CAD Layout of the Garage


The empty corner of my garage. Hanging bracket on the left is the end of a storage area, on the right is the door rail and it’s support beam.

I have more projects that I want to complete, and building a climbing wall in the corner of the garage is one of them. To get things started I took the template from my Ski Press CAD work and modified it to represent the space I will be using. Because the climbing wall will need to have more support on the structure of the garage, I added in the studs and beams that I could locate to the template and put in a few more things I needed to keep in mind when designing the walls(like the garage door rail and the ceiling storage frames).

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